Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels made a full appearance in the Rangers game as a designated hitter and did not make a hit, but he made a chance by stealing and led to a goal.

On the 25th, Otani started in the Rangers match at the home base of Angel Stadium as the first designated hitter.

He walked one point in the first at-bat with a walk at the beginning and decided to steal the seventh base this season to second base.

After two outs, Rendon No. 4 got a hit in front of the left, and Otani slipped on the base and staggered when he turned third base, but managed to hold up and return to the home as it was, tying the score. I caught up.

After sticking with a foul in the second at bat in the third inning, the timing was missed at the change-up of the 10th ball, and the third at bat in the fifth inning struck out the slider, resulting in two consecutive strikeouts.

In the 8th inning at bat, which chased 6 points, he hit the first ball in the scene of 1 out first base and made a big hit to the middle right, but it was not enough to grow and it became a center fly in front of the fence, and this game was a no hit with 3 at bats. With one walk and one stolen base, the batting average was 20%, 5 minutes and 1 square.

The Angels lost 2-7 and the winning streak stopped at 3.

Otani is scheduled to start as a pitcher in the Blue Jays game on the 26th.