José Mourinho continues to collect European trophies.

The Portuguese tactician above all allowed AS Roma to obtain their first international title, the new Europa League Conference, by beating Feyenoord Rotterdam (1-0) on Wednesday in Tirana with difficulty.

Roma relied on a nice sequence of Zaniolo to unlock a locked match (32nd).

"This title is in the history of Roma, but also in mine," commented Mourinho, who won his fifth continental title, after his two Champions Leagues (2004 with FC Porto, 2010 with Inter Milan). and his two Europa Leagues (2003 with FC Porto, 2017 with Manchester United).

If we count his success in the Coupe des Coupes (the defunct C2) as an assistant to FC Barcelona, ​​he even combines the four European cups.

Mourinho brings luck to Italian clubs

His victory with Inter was also the last for an Italian club on the European stage.

It will therefore have been necessary to wait 12 years and the return of the Portuguese to Italy to see a Serie A club again lift a cup in Europe.

Enough to maintain the "Mourinho-mania" at the Stadio olimpico, where tens of thousands of Romans gathered to follow this historic victory on the big screen.

On the other hand, the spectators were half as many in the Tirana stadium (21,000 seats), too small to contain the 100,000 fans from both sides who descended on Albania.

With the key to tensions, arrests and expelled tifosi.

In the stadium, however, no overflow to report.

The final felt like a game of chess at first, with two tight blocks and full engagement.

Mkhitaryan, established by Mourinho despite his lack of matches (absent through injury since the end of April), did not keep up the pace, victim of a relapse in the right thigh after a quarter of an hour.

The opening therefore came from Mancini, finding Zaniolo in the area, who opened the goal with a control of the chest before scoring with the tip of the left foot (32nd).

What followed was largely due to the exploits of Rui Patricio.

At first not very serene on an axial strike from Kökçü (41st), the Portuguese goalkeeper of the Louve released two decisive parades on strikes from Til (47th) and especially Malacia (50th), saved on these actions also by his uprights !

A less good season in the league

The tone was set for a second half of a different register, with the Dutch attacking and a Roma arching their backs, with the comeback Spinazzola coming in the second half to the rescue.

Veretout (73rd), entered in place of striker Zaniolo, then Pellegrini (85th) could have given Mourinho some air, but they too fell on a vigilant Dutch goalkeeper Bijlow.

To raise his arms to the sky, the Portuguese had to wait for another long minutes of additional time.

But he holds this trophy well which allows him to finish with a nice cry of joy this season ended quite far from the Top 4 in Serie A, and even behind Lazio Rome, in 6th place.

But a small Cup changes everything.


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