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T-shirt worn by Premier League top scorer Son Heung-min when he returned home was a big topic.

He was a personal brand he created.

He also began to challenge himself as a businessman.

This is Correspondent Ha Seong-ryong.

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day (24th), the logo engraved on the white T-shirt caught the eye as much as the golden boot Son Heung-min was holding at the arrival hall.

'NOS7' This is Heung-Min Son's personal brand, which is a combination of his English adult 'SON' and put the number 7 on it.

According to published data from the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the brand applicant is Heung-Min Son, and in January, he applied for 15 trademarks, including sportswear and beverages.

On the homepage, the brand name was introduced with an English phrase meaning 'there is no ordinary Sunday', but fans are also speculating that it may have been derived from the initials of 'Nice one sonny', the lyrics of Son Heung-min's cheering song.

In addition to NOS7, we also applied for a trademark for the catering and hotel business called INFEELD.

Ronaldo, Son Heung-min's role model, entered various business fields such as clothing and hotels in 2008 as a brand with his name abbreviation CR and number 7, and Lionel Messi was also ranked as the top scorer in the Premier League just as he launched a clothing brand named after him. Heung-Min Son, who was recognized as a 'world class' by rising, is also expanding his domain as a businessman.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism surveyed two years ago, Son Heung-min's economic ripple effect reached 2 trillion won.

It is known that Son Heung-min plans to use part of the income from the business for philanthropy.