Yakult coach Shingo Takatsu and Orix coach Satoshi Nakajima, who lead both leagues, talked about their aspirations for the match at a press conference before the fan voting for professional baseball and all-star games began on the 26th.

This year's All-Star Game will be played at PayPay Dome in Fukuoka City on July 26th, and at Bocchan Stadium in Matsuyama City on July 27th.

Managers Takatsu and Nakajima, who lead both leagues, held a press conference before the fan voting to select players started on the 26th.

Manager Takatsu said about this Central League, "There are many players with long hitting power, so please pay attention. The pitchers have a powerful type and a pitcher who suppresses with technique, so please see it." rice field.

Manager Nakajima cites 14 home runs and Seibu's No. 4 Hotaka Yamakawa, who runs alone at the top of the league, as the players to watch in the Pacific League. It's amazing. It holds the key. "

Both coaches also mentioned Lotte's youngest pitcher Roki Sasaki, who achieved a perfect game last month, and Takatsu said, "I want to see it up close. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Central League batter hits a powerful ball. ".

Director Nakajima said, "We played a perfect game. We have a good forkball with a fast ball. I'm really looking forward to it. I want to see a power-to-power match with a player who hits a lot of home runs." rice field.

For the match, Manager Takatsu said, "I want to stick to the game, I want to win the Pacific League. I want to promise to develop a fun game."

Manager Nakajima also stated his determination, "I'm not going to give a sign during the match. It's different from a pennant race. I want to play fun and powerful baseball."