A ranking organization meeting was held for the Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya, and it was decided that three people, including the European Katsuma who won the Makushita in the summer, will be promoted to Juryo.

Nishikawa Kai Gonoyama (Takekuma stable) Chiyo Sakae (Kokonoe stable)

The Japan Sumo Association will hold a Banzuke organization meeting for the Nagoya location in July, and will add three new members, the Naruto stable Oka Katsuma, the Takekuma stable Nishikawa, the new Gonoyama, and the Kokonoe stable Chiyo Sakae. I decided to get promoted.

Of these, Katsuma Ou is 25 years old from Mongolia.

He won the national student championship and became the "Student Yokotsuna", and faced the summer place of this month with the 8th Makushita, and won the Makushita championship in all 7 races.

In addition, Hokuseiho in the Miyagino stable will return to Juryo.

The Nagoya location will have its first day on July 10th.