Kerr is a well-known advocate for increased gun control, which he claims has the support of 90 percent of the population who, according to Kerr, "are being held hostage by 50 senators in Washington."

- I do not intend to talk about basketball, said Kerr who wants to see action and not silent minutes.

- Nothing has happened around the team in the last six hours, we will start in the same way tonight.

No basketball questions, thank you, they do not matter, Kerr said, concluding by shouting the word "pathetic" and storming out of the press conference.

The match began with a minute of silence for the victims of the school shooting 600 km away in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 people were confirmed dead.

No team has turned 0-3

Dallas won the game 119-109 and reduced to 1-3 in the semifinals in the best of seven games.

Dallas has the odds against it.

No team in NBA history has turned a 0-3 deficit.

Three of the 146 teams that lost 0-3 have forced a seventh match - which has since been lost.

- Dallas was very good tonight and we could not perform a new miracle.

They deserved to win and it is a semi-final (conference final) and then it should be this way, Kerr said after the match.