Just a few minutes after knowing the decision of the Electoral Board of Granada to endorse the candidacy of

Macarena Olona

as head of the


list for Granada, the Alicante deputy sparked controversy on Twitter by publishing a video that revealed a

serious traffic

offense committed by herself.

In the video, which only lasts five seconds, Olona is seen traveling in the back seat of a car

without using the regulatory seat belt

, an offense that is considered a serious offense, according to the General Traffic Regulations (RGC), and is sanctioned with a

fine of 200 euros


The video, in which Olona takes off her sunglasses to wink at the camera while Chanel's song


plays in the background , has been published by the Macarena Olona fan account ('Macarena Olona Fan Account' ) and retweeted by herself on her Twitter account.

The recording, which is accompanied by a concise message from Alicante politics ("The Macarenazo is coming"), has been his way of celebrating the decision of the Granada Electoral Board to

endorse his candidacy

as head of the VOX list for Granada, validating their

registration at the Salobreña Town Hall


The tweet with the video of Olona without a seat belt has provoked the reaction of thousands of Internet users.

Many have made the traffic violation ugly for the 43-year-old State lawyer and politician, while some

have called on the Civil Guard and the DGT to report her

for not using her seat belt.

They ask that it be sanctioned with the corresponding fine of 200 euros.

According to

article 117 of the RGC

, "the driver and the occupants of the vehicles will be

obliged to use, duly fastened

, the approved seat belts, both when driving on urban and interurban roads".

"The lack of installation and the non-use of seat belts and other approved child restraint systems will be considered

a serious or very serious offence

", adds the same article.

In the last

campaign of the DGT

to monitor the use of the seat belt, carried out between April 4 and 10, the agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard (ATGC), and of the local and regional police that joined the campaign, detected

4,607 violations

of drivers or passengers who did not use the seat belt.

Almost half of the reported offenders were

passengers (2,115)

, of whom 1,101 were in the front seats and

1,014 in the back seats


The DGT constantly reminds us that the seat belt is

also essential in the rear seats

, since in the event of a frontal impact, for example, the probability that an occupant of those seats fatally hits another passenger in front can be up to 8 times greater.

Without seat belts and at 80 km/h, passengers in the rear have no way of holding on and are

thrown against those in front

with a force equivalent to hitting a 1,200 kg ball at 10 km/h, which could kill or seriously injure the occupants of the front seats.

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