Patrick Kivlehan, who is expected to play a central role in the Tokyo Olympics American national team who joined the professional baseball team Yakult, joined the team on the 24th and stated his enthusiasm, "I want to fully demonstrate my unique batting."

The 32-year-old Kivlehan is an outfielder who has played in four major league baseball teams, and is a long-distance batter who has a strong hit as a representative of the United States in the Tokyo Olympics.

Kivlehan joined the team on the 24th, trained at the baseball team's facility in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, and then responded to the interview at the Jingu Baseball Stadium.

Kivlehan said, "I was really looking forward to coming to Japan. I was a little tired, but when I tried to move my body, I felt that I was in good shape. rice field.

Regarding the impression of Japanese pitchers, he said, "I heard that there are many players with high accuracy of falling balls. I have little experience in playing in the United States, so I want to prepare well."

He said, "I was able to join the team that won the league last year, so I want to show the play that can contribute to the team's victory so that I can win in a row."

Yakult lacks Santana, who contributed to last year's league victory, due to injury, and Kivlehan is expected to play an active role as a central player.