Johan Garpenlöv replaced Rikard Grönborg as national team captain for the 2019-2020 season.

But the medals and successes have not been for Garpenlöv.

The 2020 World Cup was canceled due to the corona pandemic, the 2021 World Cup ended in failure and the Beijing Olympics ended in a meager fourth place.

But the Swedish national team captain is hailed by Tre Kronor's Carl Klingberg.

- There has been a lot about everything.

Sometimes when things are going well he gets a little praise, but there has been a lot of rice as well.

I think a lot of it has been unjustified because he is a really good coach.

He is a good personal connoisseur who gets everyone involved, the forward tells SVT.

"Will fight for him"

It is already clear that Sam Hallam will take over as coach for Tre Kronor after the World Cup.

This therefore means that Sweden's upcoming quarter-final will be Garpenlöv's last if there is a loss.

- It would have been nice to finish on top with a medal.

Of course you want it for yourself, but you want to fight for him too.

We will fight for each other but above all for him, says Klingberg.

What does he mean to you?

- He means a lot.

As long as I have been with him, he has been an assistant or head coach.

He gives a lot of energy and hopefully you give back a little too.

He is a really good person and coach.

"We are here for gold"

Which Tre Kronor will face in the quarter finals will be clear after tonight's final matches.

- We are not here to participate, we are here to win gold.

There is no talk of that.

Letting him end his career in Tre Kronor with gold here would have been gold, literally.

CLIP: William Nylander victorious against Latvia

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William Nylander set the winning goal against Latvia Photo: Bildbyrån