In the early morning of May 23rd, Beijing time, the 2021-2022 La Liga season ended. The Spaniard drew 0-0 away from Granada in the last round, ending the season with a 14th place in the league.

At the same time, the latter were relegated because of the draw, which solved the last suspense of the La Liga season.

  Chinese player Wu Lei ended his fourth season of studying abroad, and it was also the third full season. He ushered in a rare vacation, and at the same time agreed to "continue in July".

  come off the bench

  End the ups and downs of the season

  In this final game, Wu Lei came off the bench in the 73rd minute. This is his 23rd appearance in La Liga this season. This time period and method of appearances are his normal this season.

  This season, Wu Lei has played a total of 27 times in various competitions, but only 6 times as a starter. Among them, in La Liga, he made a total of 23 appearances, only 4 times as a starter.

In addition, Wu Lei has scored two goals and contributed one assist this season, one of which was scored in the King's Cup, and the number of goals scored is the lowest in a single season since he stayed abroad.

  This is the third full season that Wu Lei has experienced since he stayed overseas. It is also a very difficult season. Most of the time, he waits for an opportunity to appear on the bench, and he has to maintain his original intention and firm footsteps amid mixed reviews from the outside world.

In less than 20 minutes of his brief appearance in the final game, Wu Lei's another overseas season ended like this. While looking for footnotes for his season, he also witnessed the tragic relegation of his opponent. previous experience.

  open up and down

  Wu Lei is waiting for his chance on the bench

  Wu Lei's season started from the first round of La Liga on August 15, 2021. At that time, the Espanyol, who returned to the La Liga camp, drew 0-0 with Osasuna in the first round of the league. Was substituted in the 62nd minute.

  Wu Lei's 2021-2022 season seems to have started smoothly like this. At that time, he was full of expectations and unknowns for the new season that had just kicked off.

In the second round of the league, Wu Lei came off the bench and scored a goal near the end of the game, but was called invalid and missed his first goal of the new season.

In the next two rounds, Wu Lei did not play.

In the fifth round of the league, he regained the opportunity to come off the bench, but his performance was mediocre.

People already know that if Wu Lei wants to do more in La Liga, he will face more difficulties and obstacles.

  The Espanyol have no wins in the first five rounds of the league, and they have a long way to go to avoid relegation.

In the sixth round of the league, the team finally ushered in its first win of the season. Wu Lei still had to come off the bench in the small home win against Alaves, and missed a good shot at goal in stoppage time.

  lore goal

  didn't give him more opportunities

  In the subsequent leagues, Wu Lei spent most of the time on the bench waiting for an opportunity.

Finally, he ushered in his first goal of the season in the King's Cup.

In the early morning of December 15, 2021, Beijing time, Espanyol reversed 2-1 away in the second round of the King's Cup to defeat the West Division III (fourth tier) team Cristo Athletic. Wu Lei made his debut and played in the game. Scored a goal to equalize the score for the team.

This was Wu Lei's first goal of the season, ending a 342-day scoring drought.

  While waiting like this, the league goal came unexpectedly.

On April 10, Beijing time, in the 31st round of La Liga, Espanyol defeated Celta 1-0 at home. Wu Lei came off the bench in the 66th minute, and in the 89th minute he completed his first league goal of the season. , to help the team complete a lore.

After the game, he was undisputedly elected the MVP of the game.

For the first time this season, the Spanish media collectively praised Wu Lei.

Before that, Wu Lei had not appeared on the bench 13 times in the league.

"Sad and happy, thank you everyone!" He wrote 8 short words after scoring this goal, telling the pressure he has endured in the past.

  However, that goal was Wu Lei's only goal in the league this season.

  Team coaching change

  Wu Lei will face more tests in the new season

  In the early morning of May 9th, Beijing time, in the 35th round of the league, Espanyol drew 1-1 at home with Osasuna. Wu Lei made his debut and was substituted after halftime. Get a starting chance in La Liga.

Before that game, Wu Lei had been on the bench for 24 consecutive games in La Liga. The last time he started in the league was in October 2021. In the tenth round of La Liga, Espanyol drew 2-2 away from Elche.

  On May 13, Beijing time, the Espanyol Club announced that the coach Vicente Moreno was "sacked", and Wu Lei will usher in the seventh coach of his overseas career.

After the turmoil in the coaching position, the Espanyol completed the remaining two rounds of the league, and Wu Lei only came off the bench for 20 minutes in the final game.

  This is the end of a season. Wu Lei has experienced the most real and cruel stadium ups and downs. Now the most important thing for him is to make good use of the vacation to rest and spend time with his family. After that, there will be more severe tests waiting for him.

When the team regroups, the new coach of the Espanyol will also take office, and Wu Lei will once again face the opportunity and challenge of gaining trust.

  Text / reporter Wang Fan