In Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, the third round of the Meiji University Conflict Education University was held, and after the extension, Meiji University won the goodbye 1-0 and decided the 41st victory for the first time in 6 seasons.

In the spring league match of Tokyo Big6 Baseball League, Meiji University and Rikkyo University won the card by winning points, and Meiji University reached the third round on the 23rd with 1 win and 1 draw.

In the game, the pitchers of both teams showed good pitching and entered the extension with 0 to 0, Meiji University made a chance of bases loaded 1 out in the back in the 11th inning, and Kaito Minoo of No. 6 made a sacrifice fly to Wright. I hit and won the goodbye 1-0.

With this, Meiji University scored points from all teams with 10 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws, and won 41 times for the first time in 6 seasons.

Kaito Muramatsu, the captain of Meiji University, said, "I'm glad that all the members worked hard to win the championship."

On the other hand, the defeated Rikkyo University missed the championship for the first time in 10 seasons because the batting line was suppressed to the end and it was not possible to support the good pitchers.