Turkish Vakifbank is Champions League champions after victory in the final yesterday against Italian Conegliano with 3-1 in sets.

For Isabelle Haak, who scored 19 points in the final, it was only a few hours of sleep.

- There was some celebration last night but it feels fantastic.

It was with joy that I woke up.

It just feels completely unbelievable, says Haak when she participates in SVT's Morning Studio at seven o'clock.

How did you celebrate?

- We celebrated with the team and with friends and family at the hotel.

It was great fun to share this with loved ones.

Has the profit fallen yet?

- Not really yet, I think.

Everything has gone in one yesterday and today.

It still feels pretty unreal but it's so much fun.

The Champions League title is Haak's first in his career.

- It means so much.

It's a goal I've had my whole career and I'm just so happy to do this with this team.

We have a close relationship with each other, we are all like a family.

CLIP: Isabelle Haak celebrates CL titles (22 May 2022)

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Isabelle Haak celebrates the CL title Photo: BildbyrÄn.