The final round of the men's golf overseas major, the PGA Championship, was held in Oklahoma on the 22nd, and Hideki Matsuyama and Rikuya Hoshino were both in 60th place with a total of 9 overs.

American Justin Thomas, who won the playoffs, scored his second major win.

At the PGA Championship in Oklahoma, two Japanese players, Matsuyama and Hoshino, advanced to the final round.

Matsuyama, who started from 55th place with a total of 6 overs in the final round on the 22nd, dropped 3 scores with 4 birdies and 7 bogies to 60th place with a total of 9 overs.

In addition, Hoshino, who came out of 36th place with a total of 3 overs, collapsed to 2 birdies, 3 bogies, 1 double bogey and 1 triple bogey, and finished in 60th place with a total of 9 overs like Matsuyama.

Justin Thomas, who came out of 7th place with a total of 2 unders and 7 strokes behind, won the playoffs with the same American Will Zaratris who lined up with a total of 5 unders, and is the second major following this tournament in 2017. I won the 15th victory in total on the tour.

Chile's Mito Pereira, who started the final round with a total of 9 unders in the lead, hit a double bogey in the final 18th, which was the lead by one stroke, and was in 3rd place with a total of 4 unders.

American Tiger Woods, who was in his second round of recovery from a car accident, abstained after the third round on the 21st.