- We can not even get that fucking DRS to work.

It's unbelievable !, Verstappen exclaimed on team radio.

By then, the drivers had driven about 16 laps.

World Cup overall leader Charles Leclerc also had problems.

Worse ones.

The Ferrari driver lost speed, had engine problems and was forced to break the race after 27 laps.

- No, no, what happened?!, The Leclerc team asked.

A broken turbo was said to be behind Leclerc's debacle.

With Leclerc away and with a little more order in the car, Verstappen managed to advance, take the lead and finally win the Spanish GP in a 37 degree hot Barcelona.

Red Bull also took second place through Sergio Pérez.

Other top places went to Mercedes George Russell (third), Ferrari's Carlos Sainz (fourth) and Mercedes Lewis Hamilton (fifth).

Just Hamilton was responsible for a powerful pick-up when he already in the first corner got a puncture and was forced into the depot.

Sunday's victory means that Verstappen takes over the championship lead from Leclerc.

CLIP: Here Verstappen wins the first F1 race in Miami (May 9, 2022)

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Max Verstappen drove home the first F1 race ever in Miami.

Photo: TT