In the second minute, Alice Ahlberg got a chance for a penalty after one of BP's players was sent off in the penalty area.

Ahlberg's shot was unreachable and Damallsvenskan's second jumbo suddenly had the lead towards the table runner-up.

But that would not remain the case.

Heavy goalkeeper loss

The Linköping equalizer thundered in 11 minutes after goalkeeper Loivsa Koss made a serious mistake.

Therese Simonsson, in her first match from the start, kicked the ball into goal.

Then Koss had first run forward, tried to push the ball away, hit a Linköping player whereupon the ball bounced back straight towards the goal and finally to Simonsson.

Koss did not have a chance to catch up.

And Simonsson was not finished.

Shortly before the half-time break, the 24-year-old arranged 2-1 for Linköping, his third Swedish goal for the season.

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Linköping's Therese Simonsson gives the team the lead

Vangsgaard with double

In the second came two quick goals from Danish Amalie Vangsgaard and the match was decided.

But Linköping was not satisfied with 4-1.

Yuka Momiki completed the crush with 5-1 with 20 minutes left in the match.

Simonsson has now been noted for three goals in the damallsvenskan.