Seiya Suzuki of the Major League Baseball Cubs started in 3rd place for the first time in the Major League Baseball and hit a timely two-base hit.

Suzuki started in the 3rd light for the first time in the major leagues against the Diamondbacks in Chicago on the 21st.

The match started about an hour and a half late due to rain, and the first turn at bat was a light fly.

In the second at bat, he had a chance of a two-point lead in the third inning and a two-out second base, pulling the second ball and hitting the third base line sharply, but fouled slightly outside the line.

After that, I was driven in, but I pulled the 6th in-course high ball again, and this time I shot a sharp hit ball to the fair ground, and it became a timely base hit to the left.

With the next batter's hit, Suzuki jumped from second base to the fourth home.

The third at bat in the 6th inning was a short ground ball with a strong hit, and the 4th at bat in the 8th inning with a tie of 4 to 4 was a center fly by hitting a low change ball with 1 out, 1st base and 2nd base.

Suzuki entered the tie-breaking extra time with the same tie, and Suzuki was close to 1 point difference, and the 5th at bat was still in the scene of 2 outs and 2nd base, but he struck out and the Cubs struck out 6-7. I lost four games in a row.

Suzuki had 1 hit and 1 RBI in 5 at bats, with a batting average of 20%, 4 minutes and 6 RBIs.

Mets Kato demoted to minor without participation

Gosuke Katoh of the Mets, a major league baseball player, was demoted to a minor league on the 21st.

Kato was promoted to the Mets for the first time in the major league on the 17th of this month, but he did not participate, and the team announced on the 21st that he had demoted Kato to the minor league under its umbrella.

Kato was promoted to the Blue Jays for the first time this season in his 10th year as a professional player and played in eight games.