Yesterday afternoon, China Badminton "Double Slam" Lin Dan parachuted into the Asian Games City Gymnasium and appeared at the Guangzhou "Hengzhi Cup" match site of the 2022 Yonex King's Aspiration Amateur Badminton Tournament as a mysterious guest.

When he was young, he played doubles and "3 on 3" matches with three batches of local youth badminton players in one breath, and shared the secret of maintaining good condition after retiring more than two years ago.

Lin Dan's trip also revealed good news that youth training camps will be held in multiple cities, and Guangzhou is one of the planned stops.

Many golfers feel that Lin Dan retired too early, and he should come back and impact the 2024 Paris Olympics.

As for the comeback, he shook his head with a smile, but he could consider organizing a nostalgic friendly match with his former teammates such as Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng and Bao Chunlai.

  A good state is inseparable from "self-discipline"

  In July 2020, Lin Dan, the men's singles star who won the "Double Lap Grand Slam" unprecedentedly in the world of badminton, announced his departure from the national team.

In the past two years, Lin Dan has been actively promoting the development of badminton, especially among young people.

In an exclusive interview with this newspaper, Lin Dan revealed that he has mainly participated in the production of many short videos recently, which is also a new way to continue to interact with fans, and is actually promoting badminton.

One of his next important plans is to work with Yonex to hold youth training in many places. As for the specific city, he added: "Of course there is Guangzhou!"

  This is not the first time that Lin Dan has appeared in an amateur badminton event in Guangzhou as a guest. He told reporters that he is very happy every time he comes to Guangzhou, "because there are still many friends and fans here who can recognize Lin Dan, which makes me very happy. "In the past two years, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some amateur events have been postponed, and Lin Dan was very much looking forward to being able to successfully come to Guangzhou to interact with everyone yesterday, and he was well prepared.

In the confrontation session, facing the main team of the Guangdong Experimental Middle School with good strength, several of his backhand saves and smashes made the players on the scene very addicted.

  Many of Lin Dan's friends took advantage of yesterday's opportunity to come to the competition venue to catch up with him. Seeing him keeping up so well, everyone suggested half-jokingly: "It's better to come back." At the request of the reporter, Lin Dan shared his maintenance The secret of state is inseparable from two words - self-discipline.

"Although I quit the national team for more than two years, I have a habit of keeping training every day, and the amount of exercise is not particularly small. Basically, I run five kilometers every two days. In addition, I also do upper body exercise every day, every other day. Also increase the strength training of the lower body." When asked if he played often, he revealed that he played less badminton and focused on physical training.

  In the 2022 Bangkok Tongyu Cup two weeks ago, the young Chinese men's team missed the top 4 of the Thomas Cup.

At the 2004 Jakarta Tongyu Cup held 18 years ago, the Chinese men's team recaptured the Thomas Cup. At that time, Lin Dan competed as the number one men's singles, which was also the first time he won the world championship in his sports career.

Looking forward to playing exhibition games with former teammates

  When Lin Dan, who has won a record 20 world championship titles, looked back at these impressive achievements, he repeatedly said that the most memorable one was the Thomas Cup in 2004.

Coincidentally, Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng, who were in the same period as Lin Dan, also had the same view. They missed the cohesion of the team in the process of regaining the soup cup.

  "The Thomas Cup in 2004 was a milestone for me. I started to practice badminton at the age of 5, left my parents, and even spent the New Year by myself. The first world championship means a lot to me, and it proves that I have worked hard for many years. His hard work was finally not in vain.” Lin Dan’s most memorable moment was the moment he won the championship. The reason why he felt similar to Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng was because 2004 was the first time for several of their team members born in 1982 and 1983 to compete with absolute certainty. Participated in the Thomas Cup as the main force and successfully regained the championship.

For everyone's suggestion of his comeback, the reporter jokingly asked him if he regretted retiring too early, Lin Dan smiled and shook his head, "I left because of injury, and now the young players of the national team are also working hard, no matter this time (Thomas Cup) What is the result of the competition, I hope they will continue to work hard and move forward in the face of difficulties." However, Lin Dan was happy to participate in the exhibition game with his former teammates such as Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng, Bao Chunlai, "This is ok, I have no problem. , because the fans who like us have grown up, and I hope that through our exhibition games, we can evoke common memories of everyone." He also laughed and challenged his former teammates: "Anyway, I am preparing every day, no know them."

  Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Yang Min