Sweden had received reinforcements in the form of Linus Ullmark and Emil Pettersson before today's match against the USA.

Ullmark came directly into the team and had to guard the posts despite Magnus Hellmark impressing during the Finland match.

But he is not yet a given first goalkeeper.

- No, I would not say that, but he was responsible for several directly decisive saves, including just before the Swedish equalizer, and made a stable effort, says Jonas Andersson.

- It is a pleasant problem for Johan Garpenlöv, because Hellberg has been brilliant.

"Plays with great confidence"

According to Andersson, the USA made their best match in the tournament and it was not an excellent game from Tre Kronor either.

- The Swedish game is based on playing sacrificially and with high intensity and that level of work did not reach Sweden today.

The forecheck is too bad and the plays are too slow.

But one player impressed during the match.

Carl Grundström scored his first World Cup goal.

- Gundström scored two goals, lap one was ruled out.

But I think he stepped forward.

Rsamus Dahlin who sometimes showed how skilled he is.

- Grundström plays with great confidence now - fun to see that he brought his fine game from the playoffs with LA to the World Cup.

They will play with Nylander

Something that needs to be improved is the Swedish Power Play game where Sweden today was responsible for a weak effort.

- The big reinforcement now comes with William Nylander.

Here I expect that he will contribute an enormous amount

Who will play with Nylander?

- Grundström works hard and shows that he is skilled at playing.

Pettersson and possibly Bromé.

Now two final group matches against Norway and Latvia await.

- Latvia has looked very weak in this tournament.

So Latvia and Norway are two matches that Sweden will win.