The groups that oversee the men's and women's tennis tours issued a statement on the 20th, saying that the Wimbledon Championship, which refused to allow Russian and Belarus players to participate in the military invasion of Ukraine, etc. As a result, it was revealed that the points of the world ranking will not be given.

The statements were issued by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), which oversees the men's tour of tennis, and the WTA (Women's Tennis Association), which oversees the women's tour.

According to the statement, the Wimbledon Championships, which will open in June, said that Russia and Belarus were not allowed to participate in the military invasion of Ukraine. If players are not allowed to participate, such as "to set a precedent that will affect the tour tournament," the Wimbledon Championship will not be awarded points for the world ranking.

Also, the ITF = International Tennis Federation will not give points to the junior and wheelchair divisions of the Wimbledon Championship.

On the other hand, the organizer of the Wimbledon Championship said that the tournament could be used for propaganda of the Russian government, "I am thinking about what options I have, and I will hold my position at this point." I have commented.