Professional baseball player Akira Neo of Chunichi stood on the mound as the sixth pitcher in the match against Hiroshima on the 21st, and participated in the first two-sword style of pitching in the match of the 1st army.

In his fourth year as a professional player, Akira Neo contributed greatly to Koshien's consecutive spring-summer championships with his two-sword style, such as throwing a fastball of nearly 150 kilometers as a pitcher while mainly defending shorts and hitting the center pole when he was in Osaka Toin High School.

After becoming a professional, I was devoted to fielders, but in the match against Hiroshima held at Mazda Stadium in Hiroshima City on the 21st, I stood on the mound as the sixth pitcher in the 8th inning with a 9-point lead.

Neo is carried by Shogo Sakakura, who is in the lead, in front of the light with a fastball of 147 km. He allowed one hit against the four batters and had no runs.

In the following 9th inning, he stood at bat as a batter and was the first grounder.

Neo participated in the two-army match against Hanshin at the Koshien Stadium on the 8th of this month with dual wield throwing, but this is the first time he has participated in the one-army match with dual wield.

Neo "I'm glad to be obediently suppressed"

Neo commented, "I'm glad I was able to keep it straight. I was told by the manager after the four backs, and I thought I'd take more strikes."

Director Tatsunami "I may throw it in the future"

Director Tatsunami of Chunichi said about Neo, "I wasn't enough because there were a lot of pitchers throwing the day before. I could catch it because it was only a straight and a slider, but I didn't walk well. I may throw it in the future if it is such a development. "