Tomokazu Harimoto, who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics table tennis, signed a three-year contract with Ryukyu Asteeda of the T League and said, "I want to do my best believing that it is a road with a high possibility of winning a gold medal in Paris." ..

18-year-old Harimoto won the bronze medal in the men's team of the Tokyo Olympics, and is ranked 7th in the world ranking as the top Japanese men.

In the domestic league T-League, I belonged to Kinoshita Meister Tokyo for the past four seasons, but I signed a three-year contract with Ryukyu Asteeda for the next season.

Harimoto, who met in Tokyo, said, "Of course, my main goal is to regain the T-League champion. I definitely want to achieve this next season. I will do my best to win the championship."

Regarding the decision to transfer to the Paris Olympics more than two years ago, "I was most disappointed that I couldn't win the medal in the singles of the Tokyo Olympics last year. Last year I lost the world championship. I had the feeling that I had to change something. "

He said, "I think this is the way I'm the strongest and most likely to win a gold medal in Paris. I want to believe in this way and do my best."

Harimoto will also participate in the European Champions League from the German team and will play in two leagues while adjusting the schedule.