The project will be evaluated during the season, but when Damkronorna got to test during a camp, it gave good results.

- We do not want an ugly game but we want the competition and the intensity of the game, says SDHL's sports director Gizela Ahlgren-Bloom in SVT's Morgonstudion.

It is in SDHL and Damettan that tackles, corresponding to the tackles that are allowed on the men's side, will be allowed.

Some take a step towards a more equal sport, some think - but Maria Rooth does not agree.

- If you think that the way the men play is the right thing to do.

As it is now, men's hockey has always been the norm.

It has long been wondered why girls are not allowed to do as boys do.

But I usually ask myself if it would have benefited hockey.

"Can be interpreted in different ways"

- I rather think that if you look at men's hockey, I would like to remove some of the tackles.

The open ice tackles are far too dangerous I think.

Should hockey go in any direction, I am rather in favor of removing more of the physical contact because ice hockey today is significantly faster than it was a few years ago.

So again gender equality can be interpreted in different ways and I'm a little unsure if it should be similar to men's hockey, I'm not so sure.

Just Open Ice tackles will not be allowed in the new project as it is most damaged.

- I can agree with certain things.

But already four seasons ago, we started with the work with physical play and to increase it gradually.

So we do not think that the change from now to taking the step fully will be a big difference.

Challenges internationally

- We also believe that it will benefit a lot as well.

We will never get all one hundred percent.

But I think in the end, if we look at the judge question, for example, it will also be much easier, we will have more judges who can judge and not have this uneven level of assessment that has been before.

According to Rooth, it is not as positive internationally to allow tackles.

That it does not exist in the international game, she thinks can be a challenge.

-It will be interesting to see how the Swedish players take it when they then come to international ice and will play without tackles and they have played with tackles at home.