On the 14th day of the sumo tournament, Takanosho, who is in the lead with 3 losses in the battle for victory, will face Kiribayama, and Terunofuji Yokozuna, who also has 3 losses, will face Masayo Ozeki.

On the 20th, Takanosho, who was the sole leader with 2 losses, lost to Wakatakakage Sekiwake to 3 losses, while Terunofuji Yokozuna and Sadanoumi Takashi of the flat curtain kept 3 losses.

The battle for the championship is a melee with 3 losses and 3 players lined up, followed by 4 players with 4 losses.

On the 21st of the 14th day, Takanosho will face Kiribayama, one of the four defeats.

In past competitions, Takanosho's victory is overwhelming with 7 races and 7 wins.

Takanosho wants to change his mind from the black star on the 20th and give a white star from a good opponent with a powerful push sumo that shines right now.

For Kiribayama, the point is not to give in to Takanosho's pressure, but to be able to assemble it in four and then take turns.

Terunofuji with the same 3 losses is the best with Masayo Ozeki.

In past matches, Terunofuji has won 9-6.

The yokozuna will not go down in the presence of Masayo, who will lose on the 20th, and if he can pull the Mawashi, his advantage will not be shaken.

Similarly, Sadanoumi, who lost 3 games, will face Daieishō Komusubi, who lost 4 games.

The past match has been defeated with 3 wins and 5 losses, but it will be the 11th win, which is the highest in the Makuuchi for Sadanoumi, who is shining with speed and aggressive attack.