In the third stage of the sumo wrestling summer place, Kamiya, a 19-year-old from Miyazaki prefecture, won all seven races.

On the 13th day of the third stage of the summer place, Kamiya in the Michinoku-beya and Mt. Hadeyama in the Tamanoi stable played against each other in all six races.

On the first day of the 13th day, Kamiya defeated Mt. Hade and won all seven races.

Kamiya is 19 years old from Kawaminami Town, Miyazaki Prefecture.

He started karate in the second grade of elementary school, but he entered the Kakukai after graduating from junior high school after attending a training camp in the Michinoku-beya held locally.

He stepped on his first ring in the spring of 2018, and now the place, which he faced on the 29th piece of the third stage in the west, piled up white stars centered on his strong push.

Kamiya recalled, "I'm feeling better than usual at this place, and I was hoping to win the championship in this way."

When asked if his experience with karate was alive, he replied, "I think I'm using it to look closely at the other person and to use the power of the thrust."

He said, "I want to be a sumo wrestler with a strong lower body like Kiribayama Seki in the same room. I will do my best to deal with it because the ranking will be greatly increased at the place of arrival."