Free in Dubai .. Opening gyms and sports clubs for women for a week


The Dubai Sports Council has announced the launch of the "Women's Fitness Week" initiative, which gives women of all ages and nationalities the opportunity to train in a number of gyms in Dubai for free for a week, in cooperation with a selection of gyms, clubs and distinctive fitness centers for women in Dubai.

The Dubai Sports Council said in a press statement on Friday that the initiative will be implemented during the period from Monday 23 to Sunday 29 May. The world of fitness aims to improve the health and fitness of female citizens and residents, enhance the well-being of society, and motivate women from all segments of society to practice sports and physical activity.

The initiative is being held in cooperation with many sports clubs, particularly Zabeel Ladies Club and Dubai Ladies Club. Trix Fitness Club organizes daily sports training programs suitable for beginners and is held under the supervision of professional fitness trainers. The Storm Cycling Club also participates in the initiative by holding training sessions on bicycles. Static aerobic training to train women on correct driving, regulating breathing during long bike races, and developing their physical fitness by focusing on the muscles that help complete a full race without getting tired. Training sessions are held daily at one in the afternoon and four in the evening.

The Maya Blue Yoga Club also opens its doors to women free of charge throughout the initiative, and participation in the club’s free classes can be done by pre-registering via the website, and the Taps Power Yoga Center offers free classes from 5:00 pm until midnight 7:30 pm on all days of the week, and Soul Pilates Club opens its doors to women on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Pre-registration for yoga classes is required by contacting WhatsApp on 0524499171 or calling 042211113.

The list of clubs participating in the initiative includes Motion Fitness Club for Ladies, Nation Gymnasiums, Level Up Club, which offers two free classes during the week, Fit Hub Club, Fit n Glam Club, and Barias Club opens the Dubai Financial Center hall for free from Monday to Thursday from 11:15 am to 4 pm, Friday 11:15 am, and the Dubai Marina Lounge is open for free on Thursday from 12 pm.

The Dubai Sports Council is keen to enhance cooperation with the private sector in its belief in the role of the private sector in supporting development efforts and the health and happiness of all members of society through sports, and based on the Council’s fifth strategic objective in cooperation and partnership with the sports private sector.

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