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"But if you want to be the first, you can't stop" - "I am the first"

  The lyrics are freehand and more realistic.

  Looking at this sentence, what do you think of when you mention Xu Mengtao, a famous freestyle skier?

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  On May 20, what everyone called "May 20", a day full of love and enthusiasm, Xu Mengtao once again became the focus of many people's attention.

  This time, she switched to a new identity - a singer.

When her first single "I am No. 1" was officially released on May 20, Xu Mengtao's story along the way was known to more people through music, a common communication method in the world.

The powerful and profound lyrics, like the narrator, describe Xu Mengtao's perseverance and self-confidence in the arena for many years.

  Wearing professional headphones, Xu Mengtao swayed to the beat in front of the microphone, and the light converged on her, just like the moment when the lights were bright when she won the Beijing Winter Olympics, she looked extraordinarily beautiful.

China's Xu Mengtao won the championship in the women's freestyle skiing women's aerial skills final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The picture shows Xu Mengtao celebrating after the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  When Xu Mengtao was recording in the early stage, it happened to rain once.

She teased, "When it meets water, it will be released. This song of mine is going to be a big hit."

  Under the guidance of professional staff, Xu Mengtao tried again and again in the recording studio and was intoxicated with the lyrics.

  From a professional athlete to a singer, Xu Mengtao unlocked a new identity and completed a "crossover".

On the stage for three weeks, she flew freely and won numerous honors; on the stage of the singer, as a newcomer, she used a song to tell the past.

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments.

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments.

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments.

  "Sing for Dreams" "Xu Mengtao, the all-rounder who crosses borders, makes people shine every time"

  After the release of Xu Mengtao's first solo single "I am No. 1", netizens did not begrudge their praise. Perhaps everyone has been looking forward to a new way to enter the story of this Anshan girl.

"Beyond yourself, you and I are wonderful" "Am I the first? The dawn is earlier than the sun" - "I am the first"

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  Pull back the time to February 14, Zhangjiakou Yunding Ski Park, the Beijing Winter Olympics freestyle skiing women's aerial skills final, 31-year-old Xu Mengtao soared into the sky and successfully won the gold medal in the event she is most familiar with.

  That night, in the hug with her opponent, she couldn't help crying, and her tears were full of happiness.

  Recalling the days and nights of fighting in the arena for many years, I am afraid that only Xu Mengtao can appreciate the bitterness and hardship.

Dreaming for 16 years, during the 4th Winter Olympic Games, Xu Mengtao, who loves to laugh, has suffered so many injuries that it is hard to imagine, such as rupture of the anterior cruciate belt of the knee, sprained medial collateral ligament, deformation of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus, multiple bones Contusions, joint effusions...

China's Xu Mengtao won the championship in the women's freestyle skiing women's aerial skills final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The picture shows Xu Mengtao crying excitedly at the souvenir ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  But for the dream and the long-cherished wish in her heart, Xu Mengtao chose to persevere. She kept challenging herself, breaking through the limits, and finally succeeded in realizing her dream at the door of her home. The wonderful and touching feeling was touching.

  Those who have watched the live broadcast of the game that night may still clearly remember that when the last jump landed steadily, Xu Mengtao ran to the camera. Facing the live broadcast, she roared and asked, "Am I the first?"

Image source: Video screenshot.

  "I am No. 1", the single released by Xu Mengtao seems to be announcing to the world that she has fulfilled her promise to win gold in the Winter Olympics, standing on the highest podium, she issued "I am No. 1" The strongest cry.

  On the stage, Xu Mengtao overcame all obstacles and won her first gold medal in the Winter Olympics; as a singer, she "cross-border" perfectly and released her first single.

  Speaking of "crossover", Xu Mengtao also participated in the recording of the variety show "Riding the Wind and Waves Season 3".

Regarding this, she wrote in a long article: "In countless moments of breaking through my own limits, I seem to be back on the field, whether it is a game or a stage, countless repeated exercises are just for the moment when I stand under the spotlight. From the three-week stage to the variety show stage, it is not only a brave crossover, but also a self-remodeling."

Image source: Screenshot of Xu Mengtao's Weibo.

  In Xu Mengtao's view, "crossover" means reinventing herself for her.

  In the eyes of her boyfriend Xindi Wang, who is also engaged in freestyle skiing aerial skills, Xu Mengtao has all the advantages of her fantasy of a perfect athlete.

"Toughness, can endure loneliness; know the little perseverance to break through oneself in the end; not arrogant after success, good at summarizing."

  Participated in the recording of variety shows and released her first single as a singer. After Xu Mengtao's "crossover", many people may ask: Is this the entertainment phenomenon of star athletes?

Image source: Screenshot of Xu Mengtao's social media.

  But if you look at Xu Mengtao's social media, you will dispel this concern.

Of all the content she posted, the one at the top was the honor card she received after winning the gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  In fact, this veteran who has passed his thirties has long understood the principle of "can afford it and let it go".

Stepping on the snowboard, she vacated, flipped, and landed again and again for what she thought. Facing everyone's concern, she made a wish of "Friends, see you at the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics!".

  When she took off her ski protective gear, she was still the "Peach Dundun" who always liked to put a smile on her face.

Full of enthusiasm for life, from joining "Riding the Wind and Waves Season 3" to releasing "I am No. 1", Xu Mengtao, who has changed the field, is eager to continue to fly by the wind.

Image source: Xu Mengtao Weibo.

  Only this time, she used a new way to tell her past and bring this power to more people.

As she said: challenge the limit and reinvent yourself.

"The sun will illuminate the future all the way."

  With a brand new track and a brand new identity, Xu Mengtao confidently walked to the center of the stage.

  Brisk rhythm, dynamic rhythm, how many people will click on the single "I am No. 1" and listen to the heartfelt monologue of a 31-year-old Winter Olympic champion.

  Maybe the singing skills are not as good as professional singers, but you will find that the lyrics are very heartfelt, because it tells Xu Mengtao's own story.