High school students from Tokushima Prefecture, who perform Awa Odori at the Inter-High School Championships, which are held mainly in the four prefectures of Shikoku, are devoting themselves to practicing the dance.

Awa Odori is practiced at the Tokushima Commercial High School "Awa Odori Club" in Tokushima City.

On the 19th, the Awa Odori practice was held at the general opening ceremony of the national high school, and more than 50 members participated.

At the beginning, the students confirmed the basic movements such as how to move their legs and how to swing their arms.

After that, he performed a dynamic male dance and a supple female dance to the unique musical accompaniment "Zomeki" played with a flute and shamisen.

The whole national high school will be held for about a month from July 23, mainly at the venues of the four prefectures of Shikoku, and the students will perform the Awa Odori at the general opening ceremony held in Tokushima City.

Honoka Waki, the director of the Awa Odori club, said, "The more I practice, the more complete I feel, and the more I feel. I have a lot of memories of club activities and I have grown up, so I want to do my best without forgetting that. That's it. "

In addition, Ayaba Kubo, a first-year student, said, "I've had an experience that I can't get anywhere else, and I'm practicing happily. I'm still a beginner and immature, but I want to do my best to dance beautifully."