• Sports whispers Mbappé wants a straight flush: optimism in Madrid, "barring catastrophe" and division in the PSG booth

A trip to


, another to


, a meeting with his entourage, a dinner with friends... The world of football has closely followed all of

Kylian Mbappé

's movements in recent weeks.

In each image a detail was sought.

In each video, a gesture.

In each word, a hint.


Some details are missing, but it's over.

My decision will be soon

», He said on Sunday at the French football gala.

A decision that has been long, thoughtful, inflexible until now and that can be summed up in just two words:

Real Madrid



He wants to come and we want him to come


In the upper echelons of the

Santiago Bernabéu

, they look at the

Champions League

final against


, the icing on the cake of an outstanding season, almost unique, but their eyes are not turned away either by the last steps of a historic signing, similar to that of

Cristiano Ronaldo



for the importance of the player, but much more suffered, fought and waited for the situation of Mbappé in


, the small doubts of his environment, the attempts of the


and the importance of the celebration of the

World Cup in Qatar



First Paris, and then...

.”, is distilled in


, where optimism reigns and a little distrust does not disappear.

They won't fully believe the signing until they see the French striker dressed in white at the Bernabéu.

That would be, if all goes well, during the

first days of July


But first they have to fulfill the series of events planned by the Madrid board.

The times of goodbye

This Saturday at nine o'clock at night, PSG will play the last game of

Ligue 1




It will be in the

Parc des Princes

and, with the title lifted several days ago, the only attention of the duel will be to see how Mbappé leaves the pitch.

The great concern of the attacker during this season has been

not to damage his image before the French public


Once his desire to leave PSG was known and announced last summer, he has kept silent during all these months, even more so in the weeks prior to the knockout round of the Champions League against Madrid, and he has not wanted to say a louder word than other.

Everything has been measured and, perhaps for this reason, it has become

very long for all parties


While Mbappé was silent and Madrid waited, the Parisian team's board has tried everything... without success.

And this Saturday the Frenchman should play his last home game at the Parc des Princes.

After the final whistle against Metz will be the farewell.

Something in which Mbappé is still working with his environment, evaluating the timing of the messages.

It is not worth a "I'm leaving" on the pitch

, the forms and the image of him as a new star of French football for the next decade matter.

He knows it himself.


My choice is made, but you have to respect all parties

», He told



Respect PSG and their fans... And respect Madrid, who will

not communicate anything until after May 28


A few weeks ago, assuming the difficulties in the Champions League, in Chamartín they planned other deadlines, but the heroic qualification of Ancelotti's squad for the final has forced them to set aside the future to celebrate the present.

You do not want to know anything about everything that is not Liverpool.


This team deserves it

», they defend in Valdebebas.

Madrid does not trust at all

Meanwhile, Mbappé strips his own margarita and feeds the rumors.

She traveled to Madrid with

Achraf Hakimi

and was seen in a well-known restaurant in the capital a few days after her mother went to


to meet with the


board .

Some movements that have generated some uncertainty apart from the white dome and that, together with the forward


with the

French Federation

as a result of

image rights

, have not been liked at the Bernabéu.

In spite of everything, at

Concha Espina

they no longer only work on the stadium works, but also on the great presentation event of the Frenchman.

The Bernabéu will open and as many people are expected as with


in 2009. Madrid announced his signing

on June 11


Dates that now appear as the ideal window for the most anticipated statement by the white fans, once the joy or sadness for the final in Paris has been overcome.

Everything, always, with the background buzz of someone who doesn't fully trust Qatar's stubborn overflowing checks and the difficulty of a historic decision.

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