When Linn Svahn, who missed last season due to a stubborn shoulder injury, makes a return to the competition tracks, it will not be part of the Swedish national team.

During the past year, Svahn has come to the conclusion that she gets more out of investing further on her own, she says.

- I have managed everything entirely myself and I like to have my own responsibility and be the one who is the boss of my investment, she says and continues:

- I want to spend more time with those I have actively chosen to have around me, my coach Ola (Ravald) and my co-coach (Marcus) Bystedt.

I want to use the conditions that exist at home, they are really good.

I have created such a good team, which I am so proud of.

"Gets pretty manic"

The 22-year-old's shoulder injury is part of the decision.

She says that she probably would not have thought as much about taking her own path if it had not been for the injury and the role that the coaches played in the rehabilitation.

- I have been in the situation that I need to take a little into account my shoulder ... and I want to do this in my own way.

If I get an idea, I want to complete it.

I often get that idea because I have a purpose for it.

Then I get pretty manic, to really do it.

"I must not partake of it"

Svahn is aware that she is missing out on some opportunities that are only given in national team activities, but has come to the conclusion that it is worth it.

- We have perhaps one of the world's best national teams, the sparring that is there is incredibly strong.

I can not take part in it that way.

At the same time, I have the advantage that there are extremely many good skiers and many of those who are part of the national team are in Östersund, she says.

- And at the moment I am not in need of the sparring that can be obtained at national team gatherings.

Svahn claims that the agreement between skiers and the union, which has been criticized by many, did not play a role in her decision.

It is unclear exactly when Svahn will be back in competition.

She sustained the injury at the end of the 2020-2021 season and in September last year she underwent surgery for the first time, and then underwent another operation in December.