Jeon Woong-tae, who won the first medal in Korean modern pentathlon history at the Tokyo Olympics, won the World Cup for the first time this past weekend with a world record.

Reporter Hyung-Yeol Kim heard the story behind the victory.


Jeon Woong-tae was on a different level in his first international competition after the Olympics.

He took the lead in everything from fencing to horseback riding and swimming, starting 38 seconds ahead of second place in his last laser run combined shooting and track, he set his sights on more than winning.

[Jeon Woong-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: 'If you run in 10 minutes and 50 seconds (in the last event), it is unconditionally the world's best record' and I think I ran while looking at the clock.] Because

I went too far, the relay camera focused on the fight for second place [Jeon


-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: (broadcast camera) didn’t catch me (on TV) I didn’t appear.]

Ung-tae Jeon raised his arms early and then won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. He lightly beat Liszt Joseph Chung and climbed to the top with a world record.

[Jeon Woong-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: (to the highest point in the world) I think I worked hard because I wanted to become a person who made a mark.

He was really hard, but as a winner, he seemed to pretend to be less difficult because he thought he had to protect his body.]

Ungtae Jeon, who was always positive, said he didn't mind the postponement of the Asian Games, which he was aiming for twice in a row.

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon national team: (Asian Games) I think that the fruit is unripe (when it reopens) and I think I need to train a little more with the thought of eating it when it is really ripe.]

Toward the Paris Olympics I promised to run non-stop.

[Jeon Woong-tae / Modern pentathlon national team: Imagination doesn't cost money.

Dreams don't cost money.

(The cradle of the modern pentathlon) While imagining the national anthem being played in Paris, France, I am looking forward to (Paris Olympics) because I would be extremely happy if this came true.]

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-joo, video editing: Nam Il, CG: Seo Dong-min)