On the 11th day of the sumo wrestling summer, Takanosho Nobuyoshi, who is on the top with 2 losses, will face Komusubi and Hoshoryu.

After the 10th day of the summer, Takanosho Nobuyoshi and Ichiyamamoto are in the lead with 2 losses.

Takanosho has won 7 consecutive victories, including defeating Ichiyokozuna and 2 Ozeki from the 4th day due to the strong performance of his unique push sumo.

On the 18th of the 11th day, Takanosho will play against Komusubi and Hoshoryu.

In the past match results, Takanosho has lost 1 win and 3 losses.

Takanosho wants to decide the game at once by the sumo wrestling in front of him, without letting the opponent take turns by stepping firmly from the standpoint.

The point of Hoshoryu is to take advantage of his speed and team up with Takanosho to take turns and bring him into a superior position.

Ichiyamamoto, who lost the same two, is playing against Shimanoumi.

The three-defeated yokozuna, Terunofuji, will play against Sekiwake and Abi, and the match record will be one win and one defeat.

Terunofuji is now defeated by the opponent of the push sumo wrestling, and I would like to create a shape that pulls a turn by standing in the presence of Abi, who is good at pushing.