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professional baseball, KT defeated LG and escaped from 4 consecutive losses.

Park Byeong-ho made a tie for the home run, and Cho Yong-ho made his first finish-off hit, making home fans enthusiastic.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.

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the 8th inning, who were led 2-0 by LG, KT Park Byeong-ho, the leader of the home run, blew an unbelievable one against LG Jung Woo-young, the strongest setup man in the league.

He pushed the 154km/h sinker and hit the 13th two-run home run of the season, which crossed the right fence, turning the game back to the beginning.

After the hit by the lead batter at the end of the ninth inning, KT completed a dramatic 3-2 comeback victory with a single RBI double that fell on Cho Yong-ho's right wing.


KIA also put on an exciting flip-up show against Lotte.

In the ninth inning, one point behind, Socrates pulled a tie-in solo homer from Lotte closing pitcher Choi Jun-yong, followed by Ryu Ji-hyeok hitting just the right time in the final to lead a 4-3 comeback victory.


Doosan had a victory-like draw against SSG.

He was dragged 8-1 until the 5th inning, and the catcher's resources were running out, so he even wrote a hard-hitting plan to hire first baseman Min-hyeok Kim, who was in the first team yesterday, as catcher. After the 5th inning, 8 points were drawn and the bloody battle ended in a 9-9 draw in 4 hours and 50 minutes.

NC suffered a futile loss to Kiwoom due to two outrageous throwing errors from pitchers.

Hanwha defeated Samsung with home runs from Ha Joo-seok and Lee Jin-young, and ran for two straight wins.