The women's team looks like the following: Ebba Andersson, Maja Dahlqvist, Anna Dyvik, Johanna Hagström, Frida Karlsson, Moa Olsson, Emma Ribom and Jonna Sundling.

Moa Olsson thus gets the chance in the A national team while Anna Dyvik, 27, is back after having invested on her own for a year.

The men's squad consists of six skiers.

Calle Halfvarsson, Jens Burman, Marcus Grate, Anton Persson, William Poromaa and Oskar Svensson.

Anton Persson takes the step up to the A-team, while Johan Häggström is poked.

The B national team

The Swedish B national team consists of the following skiers:

Moa Hansson, Lisa Ingesson, Louise Lindström, Moa Lundgren, Märta Rosenberg, Edvin Anger, Jonas Eriksson, George Ersson, Leo Johansson and Eric Rosjö.

- We are investing in a younger profile, says length manager Anders Byström when the squad is presented.

Edvin Anger is looking forward to the season.

- I look forward to going up against the big guys.

To perform both in distance and sprint, but first and foremost take it step by step, he at the press conference.