Urawa Reds captain Shusaku Nishikawa, who won the previous tournament, attended the press conference before the opening of the Emperor's Cup, which competes for the best soccer in Japan, and the all-Japan soccer championship. I talked about my enthusiasm.

88 teams compete for the best in Japan

In the 102nd Soccer Emperor's Cup, 88 teams including J1 and J2 teams and teams that have won the preliminary rounds of prefectures will participate and compete for the best in Japan beyond the boundaries between professionals and amateurs.

On the 16th, before the start of the 21st of this month, an event was held in Tokyo with the participation of Shusaku Nishikawa of the Reds who won the previous tournament, and the Emperor's Cup was first returned from the captain Nishikawa.

After that, Nishikawa, who attended the press conference, said, "There is a feeling of tension in the one-shot game, and it is difficult to stick to the result rather than the content. I want to do my best so that I can come back to. "

In addition, Hiroshi Hayano, general director of North Asia University in Akita, who will be participating for the first time, said, "I know there is a difference in ability, but there is no need to be afraid, considering that if you win, you may face the Reds in the second round. I want to take the plunge. I want to make a chance and threaten Nishikawa without forgetting to attack. "

The Emperor's Cup will be held in the first round nationwide on the 21st and 22nd of this month, and the final will be held at Nissan Stadium on October 16th.