On the 10th day of the sumo wrestling summer, Takanosho Nobuaki, who defeated Ichiyokozuna and Ozeki, will face Endo of the Hiramaku.

On the 16th and 9th day of the summer, the four players in the flat curtain are in the lead with 2 losses.

Of these, Takanosho defeated Yokozuna Terunofuji on the 15th and named his first Venus, and on the 16th he named the white star from Ozeki Mitakeumi while maintaining the momentum.

On the 17th of the 10th day, Takanosho will play against Endo Hiraku.

In terms of match results, Takanosho's victory is 2 wins and 4 losses.

Takanosho, where the power of push sumo shines at the moment, is where he wants to step firmly into Endo, who has the characteristic of sumo, and decide the game at once.

The three-defeated yokozuna Terunofuji is also challenged by the three-defeated Komusubi Hoshoryu.

In past matches, Terunofuji has won 4 matches and 4 wins.

It would be perfect if Terunofuji could pull the Mawashi, but Hoshoryu wants to take advantage of his speed to get into his pocket and lose his position on the yokozuna to find a win.