- It can not be so much better, it feels great for myself and the balls bounce my way.

I also think we play well and do well and are up there at the top.

So it's fun to play football right now, says Häckenforwarden.

What is the reason why you and the team are doing so well?

- We have brought in some new players and changed the game system a bit where we have found nice offensive patterns.

Then I do not really know how to bring in all the good players we have, but it is a luxury problem.

How likely are you to stay this summer?

- Just that you start to get that question again is probably a proof that you are doing something good.

I have been in this seat before where it has gone well and the transition window has approached, I have learned that it is not possible to earn so much from talking about it.

I'll keep trying to show my front feet.

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