Mia Persson has now been noted for six goals in nine matches, as many as during the entire last season, and is in a split lead in the Damallsvenskan's shooting.

The sixth goal for the 31-year-old came against Örebro in Malmö on Monday night.

Persson found a free space on the right side and scored 1-0 after only seven minutes.

And 2-0 came shortly before half time, after Jelena Conkovic found the net.

There it was almost decided.

Rosengård had a continued advantage in the second half, but when Persson had to step down with applause with half a minute left of regular time, Rosengård was still in a 2-0 lead.

Five minutes of extra time followed, but the result stood.

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CLIP: Mia Persson: "I did not think it was possible" (April, 2022)

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Mia Persson has got off to a great start in this year's damallsvenska.

Photo: Bildbyrån