Every day (or almost), 20 Minutes takes stock of the latest advances and bogus rumors on the negotiations around a possible extension of Kylian Mbappé to PSG or a more likely departure to Real Madrid.

With a homemade Mbappometer at stake.

And this, until Kyky makes his decision.

Saturday May 14

Remember, May 19, 2019. The traditional presentation of the UNFP Trophies takes place in Paris.

The suits are out, the petit fours and the coupes de champ' too, as usual.

The atmosphere is festive when suddenly Kylian Mbappé throws a chill during his acceptance speech after being crowned best player in the championship.

“I think this is a very important moment for me.

I think I'm also coming to a first or a second turning point in my career, where I've discovered a lot of things here, and I feel that maybe it's time to have more responsibilities.

I hope it may be at PSG, it will be with great pleasure but it may be elsewhere for a new project, ”said the world champion.


Could it be that he uses the stage again in front of all French football to announce that he is leaving Ligue 1 on this?


thinks so, anyway.

The Spanish newspaper reports this Saturday that the Parisian leaders are very afraid that their player will take the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone and leave like a prince.

This is also why they had scheduled their tour in Qatar at that time.

Everything fits.

Spain will be in front of its television on Sunday evening.



Mbappé has already hit hard during this meeting, of course, but we must not forget that he apologized behind.

“I think it was the wrong place.

I take this opportunity to apologize to the players present at this ceremony because I spoiled the party.

There are plenty of players who have worked all year to be able to be at this ceremony and I am stealing the show, but negatively,” he admitted a few weeks later.

And then, PSG do not seem so worried because they finally let Mbappé be present, like the other Parisians named in the various categories.


It's hard to see Mbappé saying anything else on Sunday evening than his pleasure to be there and to once again receive the recognition of his peers, all that all that.

We stay on a ball in the center as far as we are concerned.


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