China News Service, Beijing, May 11th. On the evening of the 10th local time, the Uber Cup of the World Women's Badminton Team Championship was held in Thailand for the last group match. The Chinese team defeated the Chinese Taipei team 5:0 and ended the third group match Advance to the quarterfinals with a winning streak.

  The Chinese team is the defending champion of the Uber Cup and has won the Uber Cup 15 times in history.

In this year's Uber Cup, the Chinese team is in the same group as Australia, Spain and Chinese Taipei.

The Chinese team and the Chinese Taipei team have won the previous two games, so this game is the battle for the first place in the group.

  The Chinese Taipei team "froze" the team's top women's singles player Dai Tzu-ying, so the first women's singles matchup was between the Chinese team's Tokyo Olympic champion Chen Yufei and the world's 58th Chinese Taipei player Xu Minqi.

In the first half of the first game, the score was tight, and in the second half, Chen Yufei gradually widened the gap and won 21:15; in the second game, Chen Yufei led the way and won 21:13.

  In the second women's doubles matchup, the world's No. 1 Chinese duo Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan defeated Chinese Taipei's Li Jiaxin/Deng Chunxun 21:12 and 21:11 to score the second point for the Chinese team.

  In the third women's singles, Chinese team player He Bingjiao encountered a lot of challenges.

In the match against Song Shuoyun, He Bingjiao lost the first game with 18:21, and then pulled two games in a row at 21:15 and 21:18, thus reversing the victory, scoring the third point for the Chinese team, and securing the victory in advance.

  In the next two games, the Chinese team women's doubles team Huang Dongping/Li Wenmei and women's singles Wang Zhiyi both won in straight sets. So far, the Chinese team defeated the Chinese Taipei team 5-0 and advanced to the quarter-finals with the first place in the group, ranking first in the group. The second Chinese Taipei team also locked a promotion spot.

As for the goal after entering the quarterfinals, Chen Yufei said that the goal of the entire team is to successfully defend the title.

  The Thomas Cup group stage was also held earlier in the day, and the Chinese men's team also swept the relatively weak Algeria 5-0.

In the last group match, the Chinese team will face the strongest opponent in the group, the Denmark team.