Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels adjusted by throwing 25 balls with a bullpen before the game on the 10th for the starting pitcher the next day.

The Angels are leaving catchers one after another, and on the 11th it seems that they will aim for the fourth victory by forming a battery with the first catcher.

On the 10th, the Angels added regular Stussy, who had been a catcher in all five games Otani pitched this season, to the list of injured.

In the case of an injury, the site is usually announced, but the Angels have not disclosed the reason for withdrawal, and it is thought to be a reason related to the new corona.

At the Angels, another catcher, Kurt Suzuki, has been on the list of injured since the 7th, and the team hasn't revealed the reason either.

Due to a series of catcher withdrawals, Romine, who was promoted to the major league for the first time this season, received the ball in place of Stassy in Otani's practice in the bullpen on the 10th.

The 33-year-old Romine was a player who had a battery with Masahiro Tanaka for four seasons from 2016 during the Yankees era, and after the practice, he was seen talking with Otani with a coach.

The Angels catchers are now two players, Wallac, who was promoted to the Major League Baseball on the 7th on behalf of Romine and Suzuki and hit their first home run of the season on the 10th, with Otani being the first in the match on the 11th. By teaming up with a catcher and a battery, it seems that we will aim for the fourth win of this season.