Reigning Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay came out offensively.

The guests had 14-4 in shooting statistics and a 2-0 lead after the first period, where one of the goal scorers was Victor Hedman: the Swedish star defender found a gap in the traffic in front of goal and shot the puck post-post net.

But in the simmering home arena, Toronto managed to turn the event around and win 4-3.

A contrast to the failure last time, when Toronto was run over by Tampa Bay with 7-3.

And it was William Nylander who showed the way, not least when he set the lead goal 3-2 in the third period: a well-placed shot that went in via the far post.

25-year-old Nylanders third goal in the playoffs, and the Swede was then named one of the stars of the match.

The NHL's great top scorer Auston Matthews put the decisive 4-3 to Toronto on a return in the final period.

The Canadian team now leads 3-2 in games ahead of the sixth round in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday.

- We managed to fight back, but we must remember that it is far from over.

It was a great victory, but what matters is what happens in the next game in Tampa, says William Nylander at a press conference after the game.