Bothered on board a plane by an agitated passenger last month, Mike Tyson will not be prosecuted for having hit him.

A decision "based on the circumstances surrounding the confrontation" as the videos and testimonies show them, in particular "the behavior of the victim", explains in a press release the district attorney of San Mateo, Steve Wagstaffe.

The incident occurred on April 20 before a JetBlue flight took off from San Francisco to Florida.

The former boxer repeatedly punched the 36-year-old man who, presumably drunk, rudely shouted at passengers as they boarded, prosecutor Wagstaffe told the

Los Angeles Times


There were also reports of a plastic water bottle being thrown at Mike Tyson, who was seated in front of this passenger.

“This file does not fall under criminal justice,” said the prosecutor, adding that “if the parties want to start a civil trial, it can take place regardless of this decision.”

Neither the victim nor Mike Tyson wanted criminal proceedings to be initiated, the prosecutor said in his statement.

The former champion had been disembarked from the plane in the wake of the incident.


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