Seiya Suzuki of the Major League Baseball Cubs started in the Padres game on the 9th and hit a timely two-base hit, but he was replaced in the middle of the game.

According to the team, he complained of pain in his right ankle.

Suzuki started on the 9th with No. 2 Wright in the Padres match held in the opponent's hometown of San Diego.

In the first at-bat of the first inning, he caught a low in-course changing ball with no-out first base and made a timely two-base hit in the first base.

After that, in the scene of the 4th batter on the 1st out and 2nd base, the pitcher tried to steal to the 3rd base before throwing the first ball, but it was out.

In the 3rd inning, the 2nd at bat was a light fly, and in the 5th inning, the 3rd at bat was a chance for a no-out first base and third base.

When Suzuki stepped on the first base in this play, he showed a twisting movement and continued to defend, but retreated to the bench from the following six defenses.

According to the team, he complained of pain in his right ankle.

Suzuki won 1 at bat and 1 RBI in 3 at bats, and the Cubs won the game 6-0.

Suzuki “I'm sorry for the change on the way”

Suzuki said about the change in the middle, "I wasn't good at stepping on the base. If I couldn't do it, I would probably have been out, but I'm sorry I couldn't play well. I didn't do it, but I decided after discussing it with the trainer. " So I want to do my best again. "

Greetings with Padres Darvish before the match

Before the match, Suzuki was seen walking up to Yu Darvish, who belongs to the opponent's Padres, and exchanging greetings.

Darvish started the game against the Marlins on the 6th of this month, so he has no plans to pitch in the three consecutive games against the Cubs, and the first match will be carried over from next month onwards.