In the women's Uber Cup, which decides the best in the world by country and region in the badminton team competition, Japan played against France in the second round of the first league and won 5-0 to win the second straight victory.

Japan, aiming to win the badminton team competition in Thailand for the first time in two tournaments, played against France in the second round of the first league on the 10th of the third day of the tournament.

The match was contested in 3 singles matches and 2 doubles matches, and Akane Yamaguchi, who ranked first in the world, participated in the first match of the singles.

Yamaguchi sharply decided a powerful shot against the 55th player in the world, and in the rally, he saw the opponent's movement and hit the shuttle accurately on the tough course near the net, winning straight with a game count of 2-0. , Gave her first winning star.

In the doubles, a pair of Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota, who are third in the world, participated in this tournament for the first time.

The pair of Fukushima and Hirota persistently picked up the shuttle, overwhelming the opponent in the rally and winning straight.

In addition, the pair of Mayu Matsumoto and Misaki Matsutomo won properly, and in the singles, Sayaka Takahashi, who is 13th in the world, and Riko Gunji, who is 19 years old, also won straight.

Japan beat France 5-0 to win the first league for the second time in a row.

Japan will face Indonesia in the final round of the first league on the 11th.