China News Agency, Beijing, May 9th. The 2022 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup badminton team tournaments kicked off in Thailand on the 8th.

In the Uber Cup group match on the evening of the 8th local time, the Chinese team defeated the Australian team 5-0 and got a good start.

  The Uber Cup is the world women's badminton team championship. The Chinese team has won the Uber Cup 15 times in history.

In the Uber Cup competition in Denmark last year, the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team 3-1 to win the championship.

  However, in 2018, in the Uber Cup competition also held in Thailand, the Chinese women's team had a dismal performance and missed the final, setting a record for the worst record in the 34 years of competition.

This time, Xia Xuanze, vice chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, said that all players must be prepared for tough challenges and go to every match.

  This year's Tangyou Cup National Badminton Women's Team is strong, including Tokyo Olympic women's singles champion Chen Yufei, World Championship women's doubles champion Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, as well as young faces such as Xinke Ya Championships champion Wang Zhiyi who have been in good shape recently. .

From a comprehensive level, the Chinese women's team is not bad and is a popular team to win the championship.

  The Chinese team is in the same group as Chinese Taipei, Spain and Australia in this Uber Cup competition.

In the first match against Australia, Chen Yufei played the first singles against Australia's Chen Xuanyu.

In the first game, Chen Yufei was stubbornly resisted by her opponent, but she won the thrilling 21:19 with her strength in the later game; in the second game, Chen Yufei did not give her opponent too many chances and won 21:10, thus defeating her opponent 2:0 for the Chinese team. 1 point.

  In the second women's doubles match, the young Chinese team Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu defeated the Australian team Zhong Huiqi/Angela 21:12 to score the second point for the Chinese team.

The third match was the women's singles matchup. He Bingjiao of the Chinese team took control of the situation and defeated the opponent in two consecutive games 21:6. The Chinese team won 3:0 ahead of schedule.

  According to the rules of the Uber Cup group stage, after Guoyu has a 3-0 lead, the next two games still need to be played.

In the women's doubles match, the Chinese duo Du Yue/Li Wenmei defeated their opponents 21:11 and 21:5. In the last match, young women's singles Zhang Yiman won two cities in a row to win over their opponents with 21:6 and 21:9. So far, China The team won the first victory of this Uber Cup group stage with 5:0.

  After the game, Chen Yufei said that in the first game, she had been adapting to the venue and the wind direction, and there were certain difficulties, and she did not control the ball speed well.

After a lapse of seven months, they once again joined hands with their teammates to fight for the Uber Cup. Chen Yufei said that their goal is to win the championship.

  In another group match, the Chinese Taipei team led by the famous Tai Tzu-ying defeated the Spanish team 4-1.

Next, the Chinese team will face the Spanish team.