Sumo Summer Basho is the second day.

Sekiwake Wakatakakage, who started from the white star, is a match against Tamawashi of the flat curtain.

For Wakatakakage, who won the first place, the summer place will be a place to solidify the promotion of Ozeki.

On the 8th of the first day, we got off to a white star start by defeating Hokutofuji of the flat curtain.

On the 9th of the second day, Wakatakakage will play against Tamawashi Hiraku.

In past battles, Wakatakakage is a good match with 5 wins and losses, and if you take the initiative in sumo wrestling from a low-profile attitude from the standpoint, it will be an advantageous development for Wakatakakage.

On the other hand, if Tamawashi can raise the body of Wakatakakage with a powerful push, the game will be interesting.

After the holidays, Terunofuji Yokozuna was defeated by Daieishō Hayato on the first day, following the previous place, and the soil had already settled.

On the 9th, we will play against Takayasu, who was involved in the battle for victory until the end.

In past matches, Terunofuji has lost 11 wins and 12 losses.

In the Ozeki team, Mitakeumi, who started from the white star, will play against Hoshoryu Koyui.

On the first day, Masayo of Kuroboshi will play Kotonowaka of the flat curtain, and Takakeishō, who also lost, will play against Kiribayama of the flat curtain.