Nancy Dijon for the penultimate day of Ligue 2, at the Gaston-Gérard stadium.

Nancy emerged triumphant from this match, imposing its rhythm on Dijon (final score 3 to 2).

Ngbakoto splashed the game with his talent and finished with a brace.

Cartier's team played in 4-5-1 defensive, with Thiam leading against the usual Dijon 4-3-3 from Garande.

The match barely started, the Dijon players wasted no time.

On a serve from Jacob, Coulibaly cheated on the Cartier men's goalkeeper in the 5th minute.

It was with a score of 1-0 that the players returned to their respective locker rooms at halftime.

Then, in the 53rd, Dijon conceded a goal from Ngbakoto.

Bobichon gave Nancy the upper hand by scoring in the 63rd.

Then, the Thistles increased the gap on the scoreboard in the 76th minute, thanks to Ngbakoto.

Immediately after, the last goal of the match was scored in the 78th minute in favor of the Reds by Ecuele Manga.

This match went off without tension.

Nancy remains temporarily in 20th position, overtaken by Dunkirk.

Dijon temporarily drops to 11th place, losing a place following this defeat.

 Dijon and Nancy: the next matches 

For its next match, Nancy will face Pau at the Marcel-Picot stadium on May 14 at 7 p.m.

For its part, Dijon will meet Sochaux on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Auguste-Bonal stadium.

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 The match in brief: line-ups, goals and refereeing 

Dijon - Nancy: 2-3 (1-0 at halftime)

In Dijon (Gaston-Gérard stadium), May 7, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Nancy coach: Albert Cartier

Composition of Nancy: Baptiste Valette (1), Shaquil Delos (22), Thomas Fontaine (20), Thomas Basila (4), Ogou Akichi (24), Antonin Bobichon (14), Neil El Aynaoui (12), Grégoire Lefebvre ( 6), Giovanni Haag (5), Yeni Atito Ngbakoto (27), Mamadou Thiam (10) [then Lamine Cisse in the 46th]

Dijon coach: Patrice Garande

Composition of Dijon: Baptiste Reynet (30), Cheick Omar Traoré (27), Bruno Ecuele Manga (25), Ahmad Toure Ngouyamsa Nounchili (19) [then Mattéo Ahlinvi in ​​the 68th], Senou Coulibaly (5), Daniel Congré (3 ), Mihai Dobre (29) [then Mickaël Le Bihan in 68th], Jessy Pi (26), Romain Philippoteaux (22) [then Frédéric Sammaritano in 61st], Valentin Jacob (11), Aurélien Scheidler (21) 

Goals: Coulibaly (5th), Ngbakoto (53rd), Bobichon (63rd), Ngbakoto (76th), Ecuele Manga (78th)

No warning issued

No players expelled

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