• The Marseillais could not do better than a draw Thursday evening against Feyenoord Rotterdam in the semi-final second leg of the Europa League Conference, a draw synonymous with elimination after the narrow defeat in the first leg (3-2) .

  • This elimination in the semi-finals could leave traces in the final sprint at the end of the season for OM, which aims to qualify for the Champions League.

  • The Marseillais do not want to relive the end of the 2018 season, when they lost everything in the last games of the season.

At the Velodrome stadium,

Above all, do not relive the end of the 2018 season. Olympique de Marseille was eliminated from the Europa League Conference after a sad draw in the semi-final return against Feyenoord Rotterdam (0-0).

The Marseillais miss one of their objectives this season, namely to become "Forever the first" by winning this C4.

But they will have to bounce back very quickly, three games from the end of Ligue 1, to consolidate their second place in the standings and qualify for the Champions League, the other objective of the season.

"I feel like the team ended this match angry because they didn't manage to win.

We have to turn the page and try to win on Sunday, recover, see which players are in the best shape, and rethink our other objective, ”warned Jorge Sampaoli.

“We have been 2nd almost all season”

The Marseillais know it better than anyone, after an end to the 2018 season during which they had lost everything, after a defeat against Lyon already.

They finished in 4th place in Ligue 1, before losing the Europa League final against Atlético Madrid.

The next three games, against Lorient on Sunday (5:05 p.m.) before Rennes, and Strasbourg, are of paramount importance.

“As I said, we have three important league games.

We no longer have a European Cup, so we have to concentrate completely on Lorient.

We are 2nd, we have been 2nd almost all season, we still have these three points in advance to remain 2nd.

And reach the Champions League to go on vacation quietly, ”recalled Luan Peres.

Except that history seems to repeat itself with this exit from Payet, whose potential absence was still unknown to the Olympian staff after the match.

“He is injured but we still do not know the nature of this injury.

He will see the doctor tomorrow, will take tests and we will see the level of gravity to find out if he can play on Sunday, ”announced Jorge Sampaoli.

“Of course we need Payet”

But the OM playmaker seemed to suffer from the side of the calf, an injury which could keep him away from the field the last games of the season.

A big blow, when you know the weight of Dimitri Payet in the workforce of Jorge Sampaoli.

“Dimitri is a very important player for us.

Everyone knows that, because he's a different player.

Of course we need him, he is a player from another level.

But when Dimitri came out, Arek came in and he had chances.

When a very good player leaves, he is replaced by another very good one”, wanted reassuring Luan Peres.

Except that nobody managed to make the difference Thursday evening at OM, neither Milik, nor Dieng holder, or his replacement Cedric Bakambu.

And many, like Guendouzi, Saliba or even Kamara, seemed exhausted.

Against teams like Rennes or Strasbourg, who score a lot, OM will need players capable of making the difference.

Especially since Amine Harit, the natural replacement for Dimitri Payet, also came out, visibly affected.


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