The first person in snooker history deserves "Rocket" O'Sullivan to win seven world championships

  In the early morning of May 3, Beijing time, at the Crucible Theatre, the holy place of snooker in Sheffield, England, 46-year-old "Rocket" Ronnie O'Sullivan won the final of the 2022 World Snooker Championship with 18 wins. 13 defeated Judd Trump and won the championship trophy representing the highest level of snooker in the world for the seventh time, becoming the oldest champion in the history of the World Championships.

He has won seven championships, and while this statistic is tied with the "Billiard Emperor" Hendry, O'Sullivan has dominated the rankings for the most times (39) and ranks first in the number of over 100 shots.

At this point, the debate about "who is the first person in snooker history" can be dissipated, and "Rocket" is the answer, and he deserves it.

  Although the 4-stage final was full of twists and turns, O'Sullivan still had the last laugh.

With a 12-5 advantage accumulated in the first two stages of the game, O'Sullivan held a three-inning lead despite being beaten by a tenacious Trump 6-2 in the third stage. In the stage, he played steadily, 4-2 to keep the victory, and the championship score was locked at 18-13.

"Rocket" won the championship, tying the "Billiard Emperor" Stephen Hendry's record of 7 world championships since 1999, and also raised his "three major" championships to 7 (World Championships , British Championships and Masters), completed 7 sets of Grand Slams, and the total of 21 also broke the record for the total number of "three majors" held by himself.

  So far, O'Sullivan has won an unprecedented 39 ranking championships in his career.

O'Sullivan also surpassed his mentor, 1978 world champion Ray Reardon (45 years and 203 days), to become the oldest world champion in history at 46 years and 128 days.

O'Sullivan returned to the world No. 1 spot for the seventh time at the end of the season and took home a £500,000 championship bonus.

After the game, "Mr. Huo" hugged his opponent Trump. The excellence of his opponent can better set off the greatness of his achievements. O'Sullivan also cried with a pair of children. At this moment, it can be seen that he is very interested in victory. His desire to win the championship was worth it.

  In addition to these, O'Sullivan also maintains many glorious records of snooker altars, and they are all unprecedented and rarely come after.

For example, in the first round of the last World Championship against Thailand's Tachaia, he set the record for the fastest single shot (11 innings) with an average of 14 seconds; in the 1997 World Championship, he set the fastest time of 5 minutes and 08 seconds. A record of 147 perfect points; O'Sullivan defeated John Higgins 5-3 in the 1999 Riley League Cup, and it took only 46 minutes in 8 innings, becoming the fastest game in the history of snooker; O'Sullivan is tied with Hendry, and has scored a total of 147 out of three shots on the world championship, the highest stage in snooker. At the end of the World Championships, O'Sullivan shot a total of 1169 percentiles...

  For the sport of snooker, O'Sullivan has taken his achievements to a higher level, almost unsurpassed, he has created half of the world snooker record, and he is still fighting, he has not stopped because of this pace.

All fans have seen and felt, O'Sullivan's goal is to become the greatest snooker player of all time.

  Before this World Championships, this topic was controversial, that is, in terms of a hard indicator, that is, the number of times that he won the World Championships, O'Sullivan was one year worse than Hendry, so even in other achievements Osage Levine has surpassed the "Billiard Emperor", but always seems not tough enough to give an excuse to some people who don't want to admit that he is the best.

At this World Championship, O'Sullivan played very seriously and cautiously, and seemed to completely change his "rocket"-like fast hitting style. His average single shot time was delayed to 24 seconds.

  And O'Sullivan, who is so serious, is even more terrifying. He doesn't do every blow recklessly.

In the past, there were always fans who joked that "O'Sullivan who is short of money is the most terrible", but now it is different. We have seen a "Rocket" who not only pursues money, but actually cherishes honor. Maybe he also brings some and some of him. The purpose of disliking people is to be angry, and they will go forward step by step and win the championship.

But in any case, O'Sullivan's goal has been achieved. He has tied Hendry in the number of world championships won, and he will not retire. In the following career, as long as he is willing and maintains the current state , he still has a chance to extend those records.

  Text/Reporter Liu Ailin