On the occasion of the 36th day of Ligue 2, Rodez and the TFC clashed at the Paul-Lignon stadium.

Victory 1 to 0: the contract is fulfilled for the Sang et Or. The very defensive Ruthenian 5-4-1 from Peyrelade started the match with Dembélé in the lead, against his opponent's usual 4-3-3 team .

No ball made the net shake during the first half and the score therefore remained clean.

Danger offered victory to his team by scoring the only goal of a close encounter in the 64th minute from the penalty spot.

Obiang and Bangré were called to order by the referee.

Rodez remains temporarily in 17th position, overtaken by VAFC.

Following this meeting, the TFC remains the leader of the championship.

 Rodez and TFC: the next matches 

Rodez will play against Bastia at Armand-Cesari on May 7 at 7 p.m.

Nîmes will face TFC on the same day on the same evening, at the Stadium TFC.

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 The match in brief: line-ups, goals and refereeing 

Rodez - TFC: 1-0 (0-0 at halftime)

In Rodez (Paul-Lignon stadium), May 2, kick-off at 8:45 p.m.

TFC coach: Philippe Montanier

Composition of the TFC: Maxime Dupé (30), Anthony Rouault (24), Bafodé Diakité (19) [then Issiaga Sylla in the 68th], Mikkel Desler (3), Rasmus Nicolaisen (2), Nathan N'Goumou (29), Stijn Spierings (17) [then Mamady Alex Bangré in 77th], Branco Van den Boomen (8), Denis Genreau (5) [then Brecht Dejaegere in 55th], Rafael Rogerio da Silva (21) [then Yanis Begraoui in 68th], Teen Onaiwu (7)

Rodez coach: Laurent Peyrelade

Composition of Rodez: Lionel Mpasi-Nzau (16), Grégory Coelho (29), Adilson Malanda (24), Johann Obiang (23), Joris Chougrani (21) [then Serge Raux Yao in the 87th], Bradley Danger (14) [then Jonathan Varane in 77th], Julien Celestine (2), Nassim Ouammou (7) [then Lorenzo Rajot in 87th], Rémy Boissier (6), Killian Corredor (12) [then Árni Vilhjálmsson in 77th], Malaly Dembélé (9) [then Alan Kerouedan in the 72nd] 

Goals: Danger (64th sp)

Warnings: Obiang (95th) for Rodez, Bangré (88th) for TFC

No players expelled

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